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Naked girls wrestling

Naked girls wrestling

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June 24 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 11:51 ]

And the winner got to fuck the loser with a huge strap on

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gay mud wrestling
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Posted by nudewrestling  [ 09:35 ]

Madison was injured and on the DL list for most of the season. Now she is back 100% healthy and ranked 9th. Madison is strong fast, tenacious, and on of the toughest wrestlers on the roster.

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pantyhose wrestling
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June 22 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 14:55 ]

Safari is the new kid on the block. Extremely fast, extremely powerful, and extremely driven to win. Safari is a fan of the site and has studied many matches before she stepped onto the mat. She is a force to be reckoned with.


naked girls wrestling
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Posted by nudewrestling  [ 10:13 ]

Brix is a newcomer with 6 months of Jiu-Jitsu that she took a few years back. The last person that came to us with that kind of experience was the Ninja. But, to be fair, the Ninja had years of training.

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lesbian mud wrestling
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June 21 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 11:24 ]

The Dragon's stay from retirement was short lived, this will be her last match for some time if not forever. Dragon is going to be a mom! We all wish the best for her and she is very excited to begin a new chapter in her life. However before she retired, she kicked the ass of new comer Maria Menendez. Maria came in like most tall, strong and cocky girls. She thought in the back of her mind she might have a decent chance of winning. How wrong she was. The new girls never really understand how brutal and real it it is until it's too late.


pwp wrestling
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Posted by nudewrestling  [ 10:33 ]

Isis love (ranked 3rd) takes on the hot Latin newcomer Lorena Sanchez. Lorena "La Roja" is smoking hot, amazingly sexy, and a tough competitor. Isis holds very little back in this fight with the rookie sensation. She applies submission holds, brutal leg head scissors locks and painful elbow locks. In the end, she turns the rookie into nothing more than her plaything on the mat. Though she never gives in, Lorena is still helpless to stop Isis's fingers from fucking her relentlessly on the mat.

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wrestling nude
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June 20 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 07:59 ]

At 4'9 and 99lbs, LeiLani Li is a plaything for the veteran Ariel X. Ariel completely dominates the match from the start, removing Leilani's panties and fingering her helpless opponent at will. Brutal scissor locks force LeiLani to submit. She's sexually molested for most of the match, as the Assassin applies hold after hold that turns The Ragdoll into a simpering fuck toy.

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extreme wrestling
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June 19 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 14:51 ]

Ultimate Surrender's Summer Vengeance Championship Match

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June 14 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 12:53 ]

With The Goddess unable to wrestle due to an injury, we put together this exhibition match. Princess Donna comes out of retirement to take on the new Masked Avenger. Anything can happen during a live event, and it usually does.


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Posted by nudewrestling  [ 06:17 ]

Spartica (ranked 16th) is now the smallest wrestler US has, at only 5'1 and 102 lbs. (She is outweighed by 38 lbs and gives up 2 inches) However rolled up into that tiny frame is a powerhouse that does her name proud. Spartica does not understand what tired is, she does not understand what weakness is. Her offense is relentless!

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June 13 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 04:16 ]

The Jester is currently ranked 8th. In 7 full matches she has 5 losses and has not forced one opponent to submit. She likes to smack talk, but has been unable to back it up on the mat. The Killer lost her first match against the Pirate. The Pirate was so impressed with her first time performance she gave her 'The Killer" nickname. The Killer has been the only wrestler to come into the US studio for practice sessions. I was impressed with her first match so much I ranked her 4th so far this season. A ranking that has drawn criticism. So is the killer for real or was the Pirate just rusty from her long injury break?

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June 10 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 04:46 ]

Ultimate Surrender boasts that it is the premiere competitive sexual female wrestling site on the net. It is a hard and grueling 24 minutes of devastating wrestling full of nonscripted, slamming, hard fought body-punishing action. It is as rough and tough as it gets. Here, the Druid experiences first hand why this site is so popular. Because it is REAL. Matched Stopped 4 minutes and 10 seconds into the first round: No mas, no mas.


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